Website scraper help and tutorials

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Website scraper help and tutorials
« on: May 10, 2013, 07:45:36 AM »
To get started scraping data, be sure to check this help pages:

Be sure to see the screenshot with the red arrow:

See the four built-in examples provided in "Insert various test examples" in the software.

These show how to define what to extract and which coloumn to place each piece of the extracted data.

Those examples together with the tutorial should be enough for most to extract the bits and pieces wanted from most websites.

Notice that  the preset in available in "Scan website | Quick presets" sets crawler options - e.g. settings in "Scan Website | Analysis filters" and "Scan website | Ouput Filters" - these filters are usually used to exclude unwanted URLs in the crawler.

However, using those presets do not setup scraping functionality itself. That has to be done in "Scraper options".
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