Tips to write Effective content.

Started by harryjames, May 30, 2013, 04:45:55 AM


Currently Google only prefer unique and fresh content. Many companies are not aware how to create unique and fresh content, So here I have shared tips to write effective content,

- Unique fresh content
- Keyword Density must be maintained
- Keyword stuffing must be avoided
- Content must be in organized manner


Content should be unique,should not be copied from other websites.A fresh content is very helpful to get good results.


Effective content requires overall related story for the users query within specific and general information.

Jessika Simon

Thank you for these tips. I would also like to add mine, based on my experience as an SEO writer.

Writing effective content means good research. You have to offer something new and fresh to the table. You can only do that if you've researched hard enough to see different facets of your content.

Another thing that I would like to highlight is presentation. Writing good content means nothing if people won't read it. A good presentation attract your viewers to read your article in the first place.

For presentation, no sentence should be 20 words. Writing must be casual, direct, and simple. Think as if you're writing to a grade 4 student.


Tips for effective content writing:
1. Write in a Unique Voice.
2. Optimize Digital Content.
3. Focus on a Single Purpose.
4. Write a Head-Turning Headline.
5. Edit Your Work.


thanks for the thread. I learned many things.


There is no secret formula for writing high-quality content, these are several tips that can help improve the quality and quantity of your written material:
*Write a Head-Turning Headline
*Create A Hook That Grabs Their Attention
*Focus on a Single Purpose
*Write in a Unique Voice
*Optimize Digital Content


Tips to write Effective Content:
1. Begin with a strong headline. Your headline should be attention-grabbing and will help people find your content. It should also be keyword rich, so that search engines can index it easily.
2. Make sure your content is well-organized and easy to read. Use clear, concise paragraphs and avoid going into too much detail in one particular section. Keep your article on topic, and focus on what your readers will want to know.
3. Use keywords throughout your article, especially in the titles, headings, and in the body of each paragraph. This will help attract traffic from search engines and make your content more visible to readers.
4. Offer valuable insights and information that readers can use or apply to their own lives. Be sure to provide tips or advice that is relevant and helpful.
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