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Welcome to WebHelpForums.net
« on: March 16, 2010, 03:59:01 PM »
Welcome to WebHelpForums. This forum is for people that need help with anything related to website development. Discussions are monitored regularly by admins and experts that are ready to help and offer opinions :)

This forum is operated and owned by http://www.microsystools.com

This will also be the place to post questions and suggestion on our products. Should you feel more comfortable using email, you can of course always continue to do so here.

We chose the name WHF / WebHelpForums as the site associates perfectly to:
  • Web Help Forums
  • Website Help Forums
  • Webmaster Help Forums
  • Web Support Forums (i.e. our official support/help forum)

And to emphasize the focus on the social factor, i.e. the networking and community factor, we chose the .Net domain extension. (The .com version redirects to this page.)

If you ever want to link to this forum, you can either use your own link and description or use underneath:

Title #1
WebHelpForums.Net - Website Design, Webmaster Tools and Search Engine Marketing

Description #1
WebHelpForums.Net is a community where people can get help with website development and marketing. Beyond webmasters peer-to-peer help, the forum is monitored by moderators and experts that are ready to help with various website and promotion problems such as XML sitemaps, keyword research, search engine optimization, website tools and technical server side issues, e.g. programming with PHP and ASP or configuring htaccess with website running at Apache webserver.
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