Started by ronthai, May 04, 2013, 11:01:13 PM



Nevermind, a changed setting in phpBB-SEO did it.
Now they are set as -8 rcRedirectCanonical (whatever that means) and not added to the sitemap when creating it.


Hi, I have a phpBB-SEO based forum. (

This rewrites URL's to: e.g.

The standard phpBB (non-SEO version) would be like

When generating a sitemap and done, BOTH URL's are in the sitemap, which is of course unwanted (I think).

How do I change the settings, if possible, that it ONLY generates the rewrite URL's?

Or how do I mass delete the URL's which have the viewtopic.php?f=xx&t=xxx in it?

Or does it not matter for Google that it has double URL's and just leave it as it is?

Thanks, Ron


Hi Ronthai,

It is an advantage not including duplicate URLs, so it sounds like you found the correct solution :)

-8 rcRedirectCanonical means A1SG detected the URL pointed to another using canonical. See also:

There's a phpBB preset available, but no phpBB-SEO. You can also manually configure filters by switching off "easy mode" and setup up "analysis" and "output" filters. See also:
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